A Song of Dice and Lyres

A World of Music and Adventure Awaits…

An epic battle is on the horizon. You and your band are all that stand against the destructive power of an evil organization bent on dominating the musical magic of the realm.

Dungeon Masters!

You can use this Obsidian Portal campaign to run adventures! Look in the Adventure Log for details.

  1. Two Tickets to Paradise – (Level 1 Starter Adventure for up to 6 characters) The party arrives in Paradise City where they are drawn into a small dungeon, a noblewoman’s intrigue, and a battle of the bands.
  2. Journey – Departure – Wheel in the Sky – Still They Ride – (Level 2-3 Adventure for up to 6 characters) The party leaves town and discovers something amazing in the clouds.
  3. Adventure 3 – Ghost of Perdition (Opeth) – Horror adventure in Marilyn’s Mansion where the created creature known as Frampton comes alive once more.
  4. Adventure 4 – Appetite for Destruction – a massive monster made of mouths, the Geanar, is discovered near Paradise City and must be met with metal mayhem. The party must rock out hard enough to kill an unkillable beast. (Symphony of Destruction – Megadeth)
  5. Adventure 5 – Rage Against the Machine – stop the evil of the rock organ.
    1. Part 1
    2. Part 2

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