Evie Nyx

A young, sad-eyed, girl, desperate for freedom.


Voice: Whisper-quiet and mousey.

Mannerisms: Stares longingly out windows and often nibbles on her thumb while she speaks.

Items: In possession of two tickets to the Paradise City Masquerade Ball.


Backstory: Daughter of an old and noble family that has ancient roots in Paradise City. She was betrothed against her will many years ago to Baron Brahd Tuthaboan and is set to marry him at The Masquerade Ball. Despite her protestations, her powerful family is insistent that she go through with the wedding to secure their estate to The Church of Riaa.

Love Triangle Option: Evie is enamored with Sir Lindy Buckminster who is of lesser nobility but who has pledged his love. She wishes nothing more than to escape Paradise with him, but he doesn’t have the political clout to break up the wedding and is being watched carefully by The Nyx family.

Evie Nyx

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